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This is the blog for lower east & lower east lab. A mix of stuff from our design & communication world (things we do, things we have done, and things we experience and get inspired from) and news from our lab – where all kind of actions and experiments can happen – that be workshops, creative meetings, urban safaris (with focus on start up, architecture, design or food), and exhibitions, events, dinners and a lot more.

talks in the lab

talks on creative placemaking

November 16, 2022

Back in September ’22 we had this amazing event: Nordic Talks on Creative Placemaking Why are art & culture so integral to the development of thriving, attractive areas? An afternoon in Berlin of art and discussion, where Creative Placemaking takes center stage. Two curated talks in which we explored the ups & downs of utilising both

on bauhaus tour

Urban Safari Berlin

November 13, 2019

In September 2019 we arranged and hosted a “Bauhaus Safari“ in Berlin and Dessau for a group of danish architects from the studio Mejeriet. We had three wonderful days together, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the Bauhaus movement – and exploring the Bauhaus history; visiting the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau, checked

urban safari

Baushaus inspiration

September 8, 2019

We are in the planning of an Urban Safari in Berlin and Dessau – a larger group of architects will be coming to Berlin later this month. We are arranging and hosting the three day tour with Bauhaus as the overall theme. Celebrating – like more or less the rest of the world – the

Else Duedahl

A Minor Detail

February 10, 2019

Lower East Lab are very happy to present: A Minor Detail. Else Duedahl / Pen on Paper Exhibition in Lower East Lab Berlin 20.02-14.04.2019 Exhibition opening Wednesday 20.02. 5:30 pm to 8 pm Join the opening! See the event on facebook Else Duedahl (born in 1948) is preoccupied with the notion of serial processes –

start with a coffee

Breakfast talks

February 19, 2018

Breakfast talks in the lower east lab! We are starting a new ‘thing’ in the lower east lab; breakfast talks. Now and then we will pop-up with morning gatherings  where we invite sweet and interesting people and projects to the lab. Invite for a coffee and a talk. For this debut we have on Wednesday February 21th

it’s people

What’s going on in the lab?

July 16, 2015

What’s going on in the Lower East Lab? These mid of July days are somehow calm. We are still working on 3-4 graphic design projects and trying to finish stuff by the end of the week – and we are getting closer and closer to a long-awaited holiday break. We are really, really happy with

it’s sundbyberg

Hack the city 16.05.2015

May 17, 2015

Very fine and intense Saturday in the Lower East Lab – a group of young talents joined the urban workshop HACK THE CITY to discuss THE FUTURE OF WORK. Hack the city is a code-free ideathon where young creatives, architects, futurists, artists and people with an interest in society come together to discuss the future of

Searching for the good food

September 23, 2014

Lower East have together with Volcano Concepts organized and planned a Food Safari Berlin in October 2014. If you are happy about food, talk about food, work with food, can’t keep your fingers from the pots and pans or simply just want to dig into the lively food scene here in Berlin, check this link out. The date will be October

European Ceramic Context 2014 Bornholm

September 17, 2014

The European Ceramic Context 2014 on Bornholm is up and running. It will continue until 23.11.2014. Lower East just came back from the opening of the two big exhibitions and a wonderful opening party. The catalogue we designed for the event had arrived to the island and looked just as we wanted it to –

European Ceramic Context 2014

March 6, 2014

“European Ceramic Context 2014 forms part of a biennial symposium for European contemporary glass and ceramics on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Through comprehensive exhibitions, workshops, master classes and lectures, an opportunity will arise to discuss and present the best of contemporary European ceramics today.” (text from the website) Lower East have worked for

KaosPilots Info-Event in Berlin

February 3, 2014

The KaosPilots Switzerland will come by the Lower East Lab this Thursday February 6th. Are you curious about the KaosPilot education? In 90 minutes you will learn what this inspiring training for creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and changemakers in Bern and Aarhus is all about. Matti Straub-Fischer, Headmaster of the KaosPilots in Bern, will be

Meet n’ greet n’ eat

February 2, 2014

Lower East hosted our first great event in our new lab in Berlin – Lower East Lab – a 200 square metres creative space in the middle of Kreuzberg. A workshop with 25 students, two teachers from Suhrs Madakademiet (a folk high school in Copenhagen, focusing on food, culture, gastronomy, health and good ingredients), and