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Chinese Whispers

Exhibition design

October 11, 2019

Opening today, Friday October 11th; the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“ at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark.

A debut! For the first time we at Lower East have done the design for an entire exhibition. We enjoyed the work so much, loved the cooperation with the museum, and are happy and proud of the result. Come by and check it out! The exhibition runs until March 2020.

About “Chinese Whispers“: With the participation of a number of international glass artists from different countries British artist, Erin Dickson, examines ideas of national identity across borders. The exhibition is part of ‘From Where We Stand – 7 Exhibitions on National Identity’, a collaboration between seven Danish art museums.

Also today three other exhibitions are opening at the museum; MAPPING DENMARK V: BALTIC SEA GLASS. A presentation of Baltic Sea Glass – Pete Hunner and Maibritt Jönsson. FOUR ROOMS. Solo exhibition with Czech artist, Zuzana Kubelková. EXIT 19. Graduation exhibition (glass), KADK; Annelie Grimwade Olofsson, Marita Wongsupa, Laura Wuisman Bækhøj.

Here’s a sneak peak from the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“.

Sneak peak from the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“

Sneak peak from the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“


Sneak peak from the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“

Sneak peak from the exhibition “Chinese Whispers“

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark

Check out the museum’s website.