Lower East

all that graphic stuff...

We are working with visual identities, book design, webdesign, posters, magazines, newspapers and all that graphic stuff. As designers, as consultants and as advisors.

We love interesting projects, we love to work with dedicated clients. We love the communication and the dialogue. We learn from listening. We talk when needed.

We run our Lower East Lab in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Here we host, arrange and run workshops, meetings, dinners, talks, co-working and exhibitions. Let us know if you have any good ideas to share.


We work together with a bunch of creative people – writers, photographers, publishers, printers, other project makers, communication specialists – and web developers, this site is created with the magnificent Rico Tijsen.

We also welcome the young talents, and love to contribute to the education systems all over the world. Often ambitious, enthusiastic and very sweet trainees find a place in our design studio.