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57 glass artists

Young Glass 2017

August 16, 2017

Lower East attended the big opening of the exhibition YOUNG GLASS 2017 at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft. We met a lot of  talented glass artists from all over the world. The exhibition is amazing and playful – showing surprising new directions in glass art. On show in Ebeltoft until 29th October 2017. photo: Artwork by Sarah Gilbert. photo©lowereast

From the museum website:
“This summer the museum takes stock of the work created by the younger generation of artists working with glass in the 4th edition of YOUNG GLASS.

Young Glass has become a major international competition established to reward and promote innovation and young talent in contemporary glass. It was initiated by Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in 1987 and is repeated every 10th year.

Works by 57 artists have been selected for the exhibition by a high profile international jury and there will be four cash prizes totalling Euro 42,000 and two artist residencies awarded to the winners.”

YOUNG GLASS 2017 can be seen at:

See more at the museum website here



Artwork by Rasmus Nossbring. photo©lowereast



Glass Artist Ida Wieth & Exhibition Officer Sandra Blach. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Rebecca Arday. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Evelina Dovsten. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Eva Reddy. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Johanne Jahncke. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Evelyn Cromwell. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Xueyu He. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Kathryn Wightman. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Johanne Jahncke. photo©lowereast



artwork by Carl Bens, Johanne Jahncke & Morgan Peterson. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Morgan Peterson. photo©lowereast



Artwork by Kateriin Rikken. photo©lowereast