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Opening “Ornament” Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

April 24, 2016

On the 21 April Lower East went to the opening of the new exhibition “ORNAMENT – A Panorama of Colours and Patterns” at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft. The first impression we got from strolling from our hotel was seeing the whole museum covered in an artwork by Danish Artist Niels Nedergaard. Amazing, wonderful and extraordinary to wrap the museum in patterns. What an eye catcher. We love it. Executive Director Dan Mølgaard told in his speech, that he – in his younger days – traveled around one year in his old beloved Renault Trafic van with a mattress in the back and curtains decorated with the pattern from Niels Nedergaards painting. So when he recently saw the painting again, he got the idea of wrapping the museum in it. Great!

The exhibition introduces 15 international artists who all make use of patterns and ornament in the widest sense. Plus an intro exhibition with artists working in other materials such as ceramics, painting and textiles.

A huge number of guests showed up for the opening. They got a chance to meet several of the artists who had travelled all the way from Japan, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany etc. Our Minister for Culture Bertel Haarder opened the exhibition. The vibe in the house was great – beautiful works, lovely people and a wonderful and cosy dinner in the Glascafé made by Jette Christensen and her staff.

During the weekend you could attend artist talks and demonstrations in the glass workshop.

Lower East designed the catalogue for the exhibition. It turned out beautiful and contains presentations of all the artists and inspiring articles by Executive Director Dan Mølgaard and Head of PR and Communication Pia Bittner.

The exhibition will be on show until 25 September 2016.

See more at the museum website


Danish Minister for Culture Bertel Haarder opening the exhibition. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Bente Brosbøl Hansen. Photo © lower east



Guests on top of artwork by Niels Nedergaard. Photo © lower east


Pillows sewn by the museum book keeper Hanne Lemvigh-Hammer when she was a girl and her mother. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Marimekko. Photo © lower east



Guests studying artwork by Giles Bettison. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Clare Belfrage. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Claudia Borella. Photo © lower east



Guests talking with artist Claudia Borella. Photo © lower east



The catalogue. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Momoo Omuro. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Momoo Omuro, detail. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Carrie Gustafson. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Kathryn Wightman. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Tobias Møhl. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Tobias Møhl. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Sylvie Vandenhoucke. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Klaus Moje. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Layne Rowe. Photo © lower east



Artwork by Tchai Munch. Photo © lower east



Artwork by David Yule. Photo © lower east