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The new ‘Kunsten’ in Aalborg, DK

March 29, 2016

Lower East recently visited the wonderful Kunsten, Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, Denmark. The museum reopened in January 2016 after 1,5 years of extensive reconstruction, and is now even more beautiful and a lot more functional. ‘Kunsten’ is an architectural gem designed by the Finnish architects Elissa and Alvar Aalto and the Danish Jean-Jacques Baruel and built 1968-72.

Right now you can see the work of the Pakistan artist; Imran Qureshi – Idea of Landscape.

From the museum’s website: “The exhibition is Imran Qureshi’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. Qureshi has created two striking installations especially for Kunsten and for the exhibition: a huge floor painting and an enormous mountain, consisting of 30,000 sheets of crumpled paper. In addition, the exhibition includes small, meticulous miniature paintings as well as large abstract paintings.“

You can also enjoy the very fine exhibitions from the permanent collection; Let’s Match! and Let’s Get Lost!

Lower East will design the catalogues for two coming exhibitions at Kunsten this spring – we are very much looking forward to that!

More info about the museum at Kunsten’s website.

Impressions from our visit in March 2016:


Elmgren & Dragset, Kunsten, Aalborg


Cobra at Kunsten, Aalborg


Asger Jorn, Kunsten, Aalborg


Andy Warhol, Kunsten, Aalborg


Robert Jacobsen, Kunsten, Aalborg


Imran Qureshi – Idea of Landscape, Kunsten, Aalborg


Imran Qureshi – Idea of Landscape, Kunsten, Aalborg


Imran Qureshi – Idea of Landscape, Kunsten, Aalborg