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Cookbook research #2 Panzano in Chianti – meat, wine & graphics

October 27, 2015

As part of the research for our cookbook “Camillos Kitchen”, Lower East went to the village Panzano in Chianti where we visited the famous butcher Dario Cecchini and the high quality winery Candialle. On the trip we were also looking into graphic design and branding. Dario Cecchini is a butcher from “head to tail” – famous for his high quality meat and for his tiny butcher’s shop where he “directs the show” from behind the desk – big, warm and smiling. Loud opera or rock music is floating out of the speakers – guests are offered generous tastings of meat, bread, wine etc., and are invited to hang out in the shop. Next to the shop Dario has opened two restaurants offering wonderful dishes. Apart from taking in the taste, the vibe and the music, we were also looking at the visual identity. The whole Cecchini concept is branded very clearly in red & white, the shop, the interior, the packaging the staff…looked very good.
Read more about Dario on the website

The winery Candialle is run by Josephin Cramer and Jarkko Peränen. Josephin was so kind to show us around in the wine production. They have a small production of very high quality wines. We asked Josephin about the wine labels, which we found very beautifully designed, quite understated and minimalistic. Josephin told us about their thoughts about the label design. In the region it is very common to have a picture/drawing of your winery on the labels, but Josephin and Jarkko wanted something different and chose to concentrate on an almost typographic solution for the labels with a classic typeface and just a few colours. It looks very elegant and regarding to the wines we tasted it seems to fit perfectly to the taste as well.
Read more about Candialle on the website



Dario Cecchini, entrance to the restaurant ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini, entrance to the shop ANTICA MACELLERIA CECCHINI – red, white and inviting ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini & Jørgen ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini, delicious products ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini, table mats/menu card ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini, the cosy restaurant, guests/talks/long tables/staff – red/white universe ©lowereast.dk


Dario Cecchini’s red jacket. See you next time ©lowereast.dk


Candialle, Josephin Cramer labelling the bottles ©lowereast.dk


Candialle, Josephin Cramer labelling the bottles ©lowereast.dk


Candialle, the beautiful labels ©lowereast.dk