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Hansaviertel housing project

September 27, 2015

Late September, on a lovely, sunny saturday, Lower East went on a bike tour to Hansaviertel in Berlin. A very small district in the city.

The Hansaviertel was almost completely destroyed during World War 2 – after an urban planning competition was held in 1953, the Hansaviertel housing project was built between 1957 and 1961.

International master architects like Alvar Aalto, Walter Gropius, Oscar Niemeyer, Max Taut, Egon Eiermann – and the danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Kay Fisker were invited to design the complex.

In the Hansaviertel you find in all, 36 buildings, including family houses, apartment buildings, two churches, a kindergarten, a shopping center, a library, a theatre, and the U-bahn station Hansaplatz.

The whole ensemble is now protected as a historic monument.

Find your bike, maybe a sunny afternoon and go check out the very fine houses and buildings there.

NB: Lower East Lab / Lower East / Urban Safari do safari’s in Berlin, mainly around the topics of start up, inspiration, food, design and architecture.
Check it out here on the blog and on our website.
Urban Safari Berlin October 2015


Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect xxx. Photo Lower East

Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Gustav Hassenpflug. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Walter Gropius. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Pierre Vago. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Jaenecke & Samuelson. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Jo van den Broek & Jacob Bakema. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Architect Walter Gropius. © photo Lower East



Hansaviertel Berlin. Overview. © photo Lower East