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This is the blog for lower east & lower east lab. A mix of stuff from our design & communication world (things we do, things we have done, and things we experience and get inspired from) and news from our lab – where all kind of actions and experiments can happen – that be workshops, creative meetings, urban safaris (with focus on start up, architecture, design or food), and exhibitions, events, dinners and a lot more.

Urban Safari Berlin 2015

February 3, 2015

Do you want to explore inspiring spaces and meet interesting people?
Then Urban Safari Berlin is the thing!

Berlin is a vibrant metropole! The city is right now a melting pot of start-ups, young entrepreneurs, fresh ideas, inspiring atmospheres, cool exhibition venues, an innovative food scene and just amazing corners.

A perfect spot to explore, make you smile, think of (old and) new ideas, wonder about how funny & crazy some projects can be – and simply enjoy the love for new, small and bigger beautiful things.

Come join us on an intense 2day safari into this urban jungle! We have arranged a tour this spring, on 1 and 2 June 2015 – here we have put together a journey for you with special focus on inspiring new business, creative spaces and the co-working scene. (If the dates doesn’t fit you, special safaries can of course be arranged).

This Urban Safari is a co-creative initiative of ­changels (Switzerland) and Lower East (Berlin).
Want more info? Check this link to our website. Or send us an email. Or call…


Fresh flowers every day ©lowermost

Fresh flowers every day ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast

Urban Safari Berlin ©lowereast 

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