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September 10, 2013

For ARoS Aarhus Art Museum Lower East designed a huge catalogue for the exhibition GOLD – TREASURES FROM THE DANISH GOLDEN AGE. 300 pages filled with great photos, gold metal print and texts in Danish and English written by experts in the Golden age a.o. Karina Lykke Grand.

It is a wonderful exhibiton and you can visit it until October 20, 2013. Go there, if you love The Golden Age or go there if you are curious to learn and explore. We got quite crazy about the period during the work with the book, thanks to Lise Pennington and Anne Mette Thomsen from ARoS.

The book can be purchased in the museum shop or from the ARoS online shop for DKK 299.

More information about the exhibition on ARoS website

From the museum website:
“The exhibition shows how the Danish Golden Age artists found new ways with their works, broke with tradition and demonstrated both courage and curiosity in motif and technique. We perhaps know the masterpieces of the Golden Age in the shape of impressive  landscapes, appealing middle-class portraits and unspoiled Italian sights from the artists’ travels abroad. But there are also other and less well known stories of the Golden Age that manifest themselves in the intersection between art, literature, science and politics. So visitors will not only be presented with a large number of the best known works from the Golden Age; the exhibition will also be  showing a considerable number of less familiar, but certainly not less interesting works.”


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue ©lowereast.dk


The catalogue © lower east