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Visiting Venice 2017

– As told by the Lower East Interns.

At our recent four days trip to Venice with our Lower East family – the agenda was as followed: Art Biennale, Italian food, more art, sightseeing and perhaps a Spritz to finish up the days (in respect of the local tradition, of course). A pretty good agenda if you ask us being the Lower East design & communication interns: Juliana (graphic designer) and Sussie (service designer).

Starting out with the international art exhibition Biennale Arte 17. The diverse art work and installations truly inspired and impressed. Wow moments to be remembered till next time (because there is definitely gonna be a next time): 

A favorite of Juliana was the exhibition in the Japanese Pavilion by artist Takahiro Iwasaki called “Turned Upside Down, it’s a Forest”. Huge wooden Japanese houses hanging from the ceiling making a mirrored landscaped in contrast with tiny thread sculptures. A highlight for Sussie was the third part of the Italian Pavilion by Giorgio Andreotta Calò called “Untitled – the end of the world”. A walk through a dark room of nothing but scaffolding, reaching the stairs and suddenly seeing futuristic waves in the air. This leaves the viewer a slightly bit disoriented but with a great wow moment when realising what is in front of them – a wooden ceiling is mirrored by a dark stillwater platform lifted by the scaffolding. Imagination is used as a tool to see beyond the visible.


Takahiro Iwasaki “Turned Upside Down, it’s a Forest”


Giorgio Andreotta Calò “Untitled – the end of the world”


Of course the Art Biennale was not enough for the four artsy Berliners – at the end of our third day we visited the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the fourth day ended with the amazing, disruptive and beyond art conventions Palazzo Fortuny. We recommend you to go there whenever you visit the city on water.

In between all the amazing art exhibitions we had time for exploring the narrow paths and canals of Venice. The city is extremely beautiful, clean and with laundry hanging from one building to another. The touching silence and the wasted painting of the walls almost makes you feel like you are a part of a movie set. Specially when the sun falls down and only a few windows between cozy wine bars, trattorias and restaurants shows sign of life. Is Venice actually a truly authentic place, or instead an empty shell?


Sign of life in Venice.


The Lower East Pack – most of them.



Bridge over still water.


We did find authenticity, local laughter and a Spritz. We were strongly reminded of how amazing the Italian cuisine is when your are actually on Italian ground. Ravioli at Nevodi, seafood at Corte Sconta and the mozzarella at Osteria Mauro Lorenzon, yup free recommendations. If you did not notice, our bosses also happen to be the founders of Camillo’s Kitchen, so their soft spot for good ingredients and that local vibe became contagious.


The Lower East Gang enjoying a glass of wine.


As interns we feel lucky, happy and privileged to be invited to Venice – specially in the company of two creative, passionate and nice to the bone people like Jørgen and Helle – thanks for a lovely and inspiring trip!

Text & photos by Juliana Toro & Sussie Skaarup Stensnæs


More amazing pictures from the Art Biennale below:


Russian Pavilion – Theatrum Orbis by Grisha Bruskin


Ernesto Neto in the Arsenale.


Chinese Pavilion – The forests of the daydreams series by Wu Jian’an


Chile Pavilion – Werken by Bernardo Oryarzun


Israel Pavilion – Sun Stand Still by Gal Weinstein


La Biennale dressed in Autumn colors.

summer school in the lab

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.“ Winnie the Pooh.

This summer Lower East Lab and Sissel Hansen from Startup Guide Berlin, in cooperation with the british Corkscrew, will organize and host the summer school: Startup Experienceship. The young participants from all over the world, will during their training create and develop a startup concept over 4 weeks.

Word from Corkscrew founder Neil Finnie: “The experienceship focuses on creating exactly the right environment to develop key professional skills, with a blend of an internship and study abroad within innovative coworking hubs, taking place in entrepreneurial capitals around the world. It’s unlike anything else in existence, and the feedback has been amazing…“.

From the Corkscrew website: “Young professionals and students deserve the best career accelerators possible. Our unique Startup Experienceships provide the perfect environment to stay ahead of the crowd. Receive training in entrepreneurship and business startup. Mix with exciting startups. Meet inspiring leaders. Develop a startup idea. Conquer the world.“

The training will mainly take place in Lower East Lab and partly in inspiring places and environments all over the hot summer city. We are looking very much forward to the summer, the summer school and to check this new format out.

Find more info about the programme at corkscrews website.


The corkscrew website

The Intern speaking – How to promote Lower East Lab

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with the question – how to promote Lower East Lab? What can we do right here and now? What will need time to grow and what would happen if we had no limitations and could do whatever we wanted?

Can we do a big billboard in the middle of Alexander Platz, should we cover the city in cool posters and stickers, do we need a bike or a bathtub for the entrance? So people can find us when they are invited to different events. And what about all the inspiration going on at The Lab – how can we promote that? All questions I have been asking myself the last couple of weeks – to push me to be open, creative and to come up with the best ideas possible.

The great thing about this process is that you can stay open minded all the way because nothings has to be settled right away. You can always pick and choose at the end.

This is some pictures of my process and the products I have been working on. All of them still in process…

/ Casper, the intern

In process

In process ©Casper

More from the process

More from the process ©Casper

Different products for The Lab

Different products for The Lab – signs, cards for events, stickers ©Casper


Lower East stickers taking a walk in Berlin ©Casper

The Lower East Lab bike

The Lower East Lab bike ©Casper

The Lower East Lab bike dressed for Camillo's Cafeteria event

The Lower East Lab bike dressed for Camillo’s Cafeteria event ©Casper

Mockups of the products – signs, posters, inspiration book, billboard

Mockups of the products – signs, posters, inspiration book, billboard ©Casper

More mockups

More mockups ©Casper

The stickers are still on the walk in Berlin

The stickers are still on the walk in Berlin ©Casper