Lower East

Words from the intern

Hello, my name is Manne. I am 30 years old and from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am studying my master degree in co-design and visual communication, at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. As a part of my education, I have been doing an internship at the Lower East Lab, a creative workspace in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

I have enjoyed living in crazy and wonderful Berlin, where I’ve been living in Kreuzberg, 15. min bike trip to the Lab. I have learned a lot about myself during this time. I have had the chance to develop my working skills and gotten closer to what I want to do in the future. I have experienced different cultures, and I am so happy that I have taken the possibility to go abroad.

It has been a really good experience to be an intern at Lower East. The agency has this nice and relaxed atmosphere, Helle and Jørgen cares about their interns, and they have taken me and my work very serious. Which has contributed to a very good working environment, where I have learned a lot.


The intern himself, Mr. Manne Mortensen

The Lower East Lab is never boring. Often music is playing, we make good coffee and food and conversations flow easy and naturally. Especially at lunchtime, where we all meet around the kitchen table, and Jørgen has cooked his tasty food for us all. The lab is an amazing place and it makes you think creative. The projects have been interesting, and it has been an important lesson for me, as a graphic design student, to get insights in the workflow of a professional communication agency. I will miss working there!


Stuff, coffee and the mac


lower east lab plants


lower east lab, 2017


lower east lab, 2017


Our other intern, the wonderful Juliana Toro


The lower east lab boss


lower east lab, 2017


always have pantone colors!