Lower East

Website for ‘Projekt Udenfor’

Back in September we launched this fine website for this fine client of ours; ‘Projekt udenfor’ – an organization, that work to improve the conditions for society’s absolutely excluded. They combine outreach street work with collecting and disseminating knowledge about homelessness.

They work mainly in Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark – and also internationally in a worldwide network.

As part of ‘Project udenfor’s’ work to prevent exclusion from homelessness and ensure better conditions for people who have already been excluded, the organization is engaged in several international activities. Their international work aims partly to exchange experiences, methods and knowledge across national borders and partly to seek political influence at European level.

Our task was to design a new website, that was “good-looking, trustworthy, beautiful, communicating, wise and ‘wow!’“ – that was what we were striving for. We also included graphic illustrations and ‘poetic’ photos from Copenhagen in our work.

Again a very meaningful job, thanks to the organization for a fantastic co-work and co-creation!

Check out the site on this link – so far only in the Danish.