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New visual identity and new website for Kvinfo, Denmark.

In the summer & autumn of 2021 we worked on a wonderful task, to develop a new visual identity and website for Kvinfo. In a rewarding, funny, inspiring and trustful cooperation with the leaders and communication people from Kvinfo, our job felt just natural and easy.

KVINFO is Denmark’s knowledge center for gender and equality. KVINFO works at the crossroads between knowledge, politics and practice. They create an overview research and knowledge on the field and bring this knowledge into play broadly to decision-makers, media, companies, organizations and the public in Denmark and internationally.

They interpreter knowledge into change by developing tools and solutions to specific challenges related to gender. The letters in KVINFO stand for: gender, knowledge, information and research.

End of December 2021 we launched the website – Kvinfo worked hard & succesful with the content, we designed and our web wizard Rico Tijsen did the programming of the site. Illustrations/collages for the website were created by designer Juliana Toro, our very creative and skilled play- & soulmate.

Over the next period the new visual identity will be folded out; the logo, the colors, the fonts, the icons and all that jazz.

Check out the website on this link.


How to become a KaosPilot

The KaosPilots Switzerland are looking for 35 changemakers, responsible entrepreneurs, peacemakers & bridgebuilders.

Women & men with a splash of tribal mind, compassion & awareness – willing to take a risk, search for inner and outer balance and with a sense of the real world. And last, but not least playful – and humour guys. Humour!

They are looking for their next KaosPilots Team in Bern. Do you wanna join the new team?

We love the Pilots & everything is easier with a little help from friends, so we have made it simple for you:  Here is the link to the application form. Deadline for the application is March 20, 2013.


Skærmbillede 2013-01-14 kl. 00.58.41

The link to their blog.

Very, very soon the website for the KaosPilots Switzerland will be launched. Designed by Lower East. We will keep you informed. Of course we will!