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Teaching & talking

We love to teach and talk about how to communicate! Last week the lower east core team went to the Danish island Bornholm to work with the students from the ceramics and glass programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. We met a group of dedicated students eager to learn – and exited to take new steps with their projects.

Our focus was to dress the students up to go out there and tell the world how great they are in what they are doing. We worked on how to on one side trusting your gut feeling and your intuition, and on the other side how to be disciplined, operate within systems and learn the needed communication tools. Also looking at how to find and develop your story and tell it – at the same time you still are developing your project and your art.

We were looking at different communication ‘platforms’; websites, facebook, blogs, instagram, postcards, business cards, handouts and all that jazz’. The students worked alone and in groups. We believe in working in teams, believe that what you don’t know some in your network may wan’t to help you with – we opened a lot of doors, talked about  a lot of opportunities – and left the island again… Now the students keep up the good work… Keep your ears and eyes open for that!

We’ll be back!


Students at the ceramics and glass programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


And then we meet Elly again!


Students at the ceramics and glass programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


Students at the ceramics and glass programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts



European Ceramic Context 2014 Bornholm

Artwork: Monika Grycko / photo © lowereast.dk

The European Ceramic Context 2014 on Bornholm is up and running. It will continue until 23.11.2014. Lower East just came back from the opening of the two big exhibitions and a wonderful opening party. The catalogue we designed for the event had arrived to the island and looked just as we wanted it to – so the designers were happy. The exhibitions was full of inspiring ceramics – we noticed a lot of animals in the exhibitions – several dogs, pigs, cross overs between animals and humans…. It was very interesting to see ceramics from 29 European countries put together in one place. Lower East also participated in the conference Materiality – the values of matter and making. The conference focused on materiality, thinking through materials, craftsmanship and why making is important to being human. Very inspiring speakers – even for us non-ceramists. This week Alexandra Engelfriet leads a master class Materiality – Body as a tool – Ceramic heritage as Matter. A lot of cool stuff is going on on Bornholm. We strongly recommend everyone who loves ceramics to go to Bornholm and see the wonderful exhibitions in Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gaard. Thank you for a great weekend. Read much more about European Ceramic Context on the website


Artwork: Pálma Babas / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Viorica Bocioc / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Caroline Andrin / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Birgit Saupe / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Maria Volokhova / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Floris Wubben / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Janina Myronova / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: Marianne Eggimann / photo © lowereast.dk


Artwork: James Rigler / photo © lowereast.dk

The catalogue © lowereast.dk

The catalogue © lowereast.dk


Five of the conference speakers: Carsten Friberg, Namita Gupta Wiggers, Mårten Medbo, Helen Marton, Alexandra Engelfriet / photo © lowereast.dk