Lower East

exploring the city

On Urban Safari in Berlin. Ready to go, Tempelhofer Freiheit © Rahel Krabichler
Urban Safari in Lower East Lab © Rahel Krabichler

Berlin is a very lively and a very inspiring city! It is a melting pot of start-ups, young and older entrepreneurs, fresh initiatives, inspiring atmospheres, cool exhibition venues, an innovative food scene and just amazing spots and corners.

Berlin is a perfect spot to explore, think of new ideas, rethink the old ones, wonder about how funny & crazy some projects can be. We have experienced, that just a couple of days in this city, can be a good solid boost of energy and a very welcome creative break from the daily routines.

The Urban Safari Berlin is a initiative of Lower East Lab Berlin. If interested in joining, reach out for more info. Our next ‘open’ safari in Berlin will be Spring 2024 (dates to be confirmed). We gladly arrange special safaris too for smaller and larger groups, on dates that fit to you and your team.

Urban Safari – looking at art
Urban Safari in Agora
Urban Safari in Lower East Lab
Urban Safari in Lower East Lab © Rahel Krabichler
Urban Safari on visit at Kühlhaus Berlin
Urban Safari in Lower East Lab © Rahel Krabichler
always checking the city for creative spots
Urban Safari Berlin