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Poster Not Only Monkeys – photo Malthe Ivarsson
Billboard Not Only Monkeys – photo Malthe Ivarsson

“Originally trained as a graphic designer, Ehmann came to fine art as something of an outsider. She thus explores the conventional idea of the artist’s role while challenging the boundaries of the concept of art by incorporating cross-disciplinary elements. We can see an embodiment of this approach in the exhibition’s replica of her studio, where visitors can experiment with her tools and materials, and especially in the laid dining table, which works both as an installation and a setting where supper evenings are held in the exhibition”.

Instagram post Not Only Monkeys – photo Malthe Ivarsson

“The Danish cooking project Camillo’s Kitchen will host a series of themed dinner parties in the exhibition. Here, guests can come together in a light-hearted atmosphere accentuated by performative elements at and around the table. A multi-course Mediterranean soul food menu with lots of greens, salads, fruit, salsa, pesto, herbs – and bread, fish, meat & sweets awaits the dinner guests”.

More info at the Camillo’s Kitchen website – and the Elisabeth Ehmann website.

Poster for Camillo's Jungle Dinners
Instagram illustration for Camillo's Jungle Dinners