Lower East

it’s ceramics or glass

Catalogue cover – two exhibitions – book opens from both ends – new talent and established artists.
Double spread from the catalogue – artwork by Jonas Missiaen, Belgium
Double spread from the catalogue – artwork by Iina Vuorivirta, Finland

The catalogue presents around 100 ceramic artist from all over Europe. Amazing to see so many artists together at the small Danish island of Bornholm – a massive impression of what is going on in Europe on the glass and ceramic scene. We recommend you to visit Bornholm for the next European Glass Context in September 2016 to see the exhibitions or maybe take part in a conference, workshop etc. Enjoy!

Bornholm Biennials for contemporary European Glass and Ceramics are jointly organized by Bornholm Art Museum, The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design Bornholm and Grønbechs Gård.


Double spread from the catalogue – artwork by Monika Grycko, Italy
Poster – artwork by Louise Birch

For the event in 2014 we developed a new colour scheme for the visual identity, ending up with a beautiful set of colours ranging from lavender over light and dark violet to a warm clay-grey and a dark liver-brown. For one of the posters we played around with the clay figures by Danish artist Louise Birch. We imagined the figures in an exhibition space – exploring art, meeting  each other, relaxing and enjoying a bit of yoga in between conferences and workshops…


Logotype and the colour palette for the 2014 event