Lower East

still going strong


Lower East designed the conference graphics based on a series of pictograms – unfolded on postcards, badges, posters, banners, t-shirts and even sewed loads of pillows for the conference lounge. Successful, funny and cool communication!


Love is all around
A tribute to DJ Ruth aka Mama Rock – Ruth Flowers (1931-2014) who had her debut as a dj in 2009 at age 78 at the Cannes Film Festival.
Stay strong...
...and keep exploring

The visual language of the pictograms is easily understood worldwide and brings a smile to your face – maybe they make you think about the old people you know or how you want your own life to be, when you get older. We wanted the pictograms to be lively. They should look old but not weary. How could we show that? We added a handbag to the woman and a walking stick to the man. They always bring their accesories what ever they do – fly, work out, dance, play… The pictograms invite to conversation among the conference participants.


Pictograms for posters
One of the pillows from the conference lounge