Lower East Lab

What’s cooking?

Did you just finish writing your last book and need a nice space for the book release? Or do you need a showroom to present your new product design for interested partners? Do your company need a cool space to have your yearly, creative meeting for up to 20 or 30 people? Do you need a funky location for your next photo shoot? Or are you very keen on tasting the delicious menus from Camillo’s Table? … Then let us know and let’s see what we can do together.

good ideas

The lab is 200 squaremeters, in Kreuzberg, in Berlin – and can be used in many different ways; workshops, events; dinners; talks & meetings.

And as an exhibition space. Art and artist are always welcome. With this picture we are trying to tempt the Danish artist Søren Behncke to exhibit in our lower east lab.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso.

It can be an exhibition

Come to the Lower East Lab, table is set.

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

Take creative days in the lab, alone, with your company or hire us to facilitate your creative process.

Good ideas comes easy in the lab

We love to have people coming by! Come for a coffee, come to work, come to share your best idea, come by! Please, if you can, let us know before you arrive.

come to visit

We have produced a small number of tote bags. They are quite fine and we think they are very beautiful.

You can also be the happy owner of such one – come by the lab or send us an email at js@lowereastlab.de

The lower east lab tote bag

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to have a bike race in the lower east lab?! But we would love to! The lab can be a very fine location for a photo shot. One day, maybe during the Tour de France, we would love to arrange a “bike summer“ in the lab – with exhibitions, transmission from the race, special films with bike themes, and of course dinners in the evenings.

Maybe you want to play along?


Bike race in the lab?

We do dinners in the lab: Camillo’s Paladar and Camillo’s Cafeteria. The first ones with high end food and wines, and happy people. The second ones, relaxed low key evenings with good food and wine, and happy people.

We also do Camillo’s Table – chef’s table for up to 20 people. For you, your friends and family, your company or organization.

Let us know, if that’s something for you.

chef's table

In our lab almost everything can happen – we already do a lot. The Lower East Lab works very well as a creative learning space, as a design studio and a workshop room. It’s just splendid for meetings, talks, dinners, events – and as a space for creating good ideas. What would you like to add? Feel free to come up with fantastic ideas, and to contact us immediately!

From the other room

Never stop dreaming!

Yes, we have the most fantastic lab, but still it could be changed, be extended, a shop could be added… an extra floor, or the lab could have bro’s and sisters in other wonderful cities… This picture is from a model we build for a future lab.

The future lab