Lower East

Today’s Picture February 2013

Lower East are still searching for Today’s Picture. Trying to capture the day in one picture. Here we show the pictures from February – from Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark via Berlin, Germany to Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Some miles…

We are showing the coolest one, or the most beautiful one, or the one that tells the best story of the day. All of them being carefully treated and maybe improved in photoshop.

One last sunset 18.02.13 ©lowereast.dk

One last sunset 18.02.13 ©lowereast.dk


Quiet evening 15.02.13 ©lowereast.dk


Early morning light 13.02.13 ©lowereast.dk


Red light 09.02.13 ©lowereast.dk


Copenhagen harbour 06.02.13 ©lowereast.dk


Inside the rainbow 31.01.13 ©lowereast.dk