Lower East

The Young Ones

Today at Betahaus in Berlin we had a visit from Højer, Denmark … actually it was yesterday … anyway, a group of 23 students (at the age of around 15 years old, we think) and two teachers from Hoejer Design Efterskole, passed by to hear about the work of Lower East and the life of us as designers and creatives.

We held a lecture of two hours, things went really well, the young ones were very sweet, surprisingly interested and eager to participate and ask questions. At the school they are already teached in design in various ways and directions, which came clear several times, e.g. when we asked if they were familiar with the term mood boards.

Thanks for the inspiring visit, pleasure having you here! And thanks for the famous Højer sausages.

Check out the school here (in Danish).

Today ©lowereast.dk


... at Betahaus ©lowereast.dk