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Michael Kvium’s real monsters

Lower East are back from a great opening of artist Michael Kvium’s real monsters exhibition at Kunsten in Aalborg. We were honoured to be asked to do all the graphic stuff for the exhibition. We had a fruitful cooperation during the whole process with the staff from Kunsten. As we arrived to the opening on friday the posters were hanging on the wall, the postcards were ready for sale on the desk and the big size catalogues were welcoming us – we were happy to see, that the catalogue complemented the exhibition very well – large format book for gigantic paintings. It is always very exiting to see if everything come out as you have imagined – and it did. The fantastic new works by Michael Kvium, a touching film portrait of Kvium “The Naked Eye” by director Peter Klitgaard, an exceptional performance by author Jens Blendstrup and an extraordinary dinner with a lot of interesting people made the day and evening fantastic. We recommend everybody to take a trip to Aalborg and see this great exhibition. On show until 21. April 2013 at Kunsten.


real monsters opening © lowereast.dk


real monsters opening © lowereast.dk


real monsters opening © lowereast.dk


real monsters opening © lowereast.dk


The happy designers at real monsters opening © lowereast.dk


Michael Kvium at Kunsten

Lower East are heading for the opening this afternoon of Real Monsters. Michael Kvium at KUNSTEN – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg. We have designed the catalogue and poster for the exhibition. We are happy about it, looking forward to the respons from the artist and the museum.

“They emerge out there in the murky twilight. These monsters we see, but cannot catch. They seem familiar. We give them names, describe them precisely and create myths about them, so everyone thinks they know all about them.” Michael Kvium.

The exhibition presents 30 recent works by Kvium and is a result of close collaboration between KUNSTEN and Michael Kvium. It presents several new works alongside other paintings and sculptures from recent years.

The exhibition runs from February 2 to April 21, 2013.

Poster Real Monster. Michael Kvium © Michael Kvium

Poster Real Monster. Michael Kvium © Michael Kvium