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Communicate your project

Last week we had a 4 days communication workshop with the students from KaosPilot Switzerland team 3 and team 5 in Bern. We had very fine, creative and fruitful days working on ’how to communicate your project – your new and fresh business idea’. The students were developing communication ideas at the same time as they are developing their projects.

We worked on with presentations, the basic communication needs and platforms, business strips, how to make your written report ’fly and land’ – and finally designing a communication strategy; folding out the plan for how to proceed, how to create interest for your future business, how to get in contact with new project partners and new clients. We also had the time to dig into talks about “creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating“. Thanks to the students for wonderful days. Wish you all the best for your future businesses!

You can read more about the KaosPilots Switzerland on their website.

Impressions from the days in Bern:

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all photos from the workshop ©lowereast