Lower East

Graphic design is all over

As passionate graphic designers we are always talking about the graphic design that surrounds us in our everyday life. A work related condition. Going shopping for dinner can be a graphic adventure or a disaster. What are good graphics. Do they communicate the product in the best way. Why do we buy the stuff. Is it because beauty and quality goes hand in hand or do we sometimes buy products more expensive just because we like the look of the package. Sometimes we might choose not to buy a good product with a good price because it is too ugly…yeah.

Italian espresso can © lowereast.dk

We just love this italian espresso can. The beauty of the colour, the coffee bean and coffee cup in the illustration and the type is very balanced. Now we use this can for all kinds of espresso.

Salt © lowereast.dk

Plain salt is needed everyday. We found these in on our local food market – 1 euro each – just lovely.

Olive oil © lowereast.dk

Olive oil. Good solid font. Good solid oil.

Chewing gum stand © lowereast.dk

An old chewing gum stand. We found it in a flea market in Copenhagen. We use it in our kitchen as a shelf for herbs. Sometimes we are searching for colour palettes for our projects. This is a good example. Nice retro palette – orange, red, dark green.