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She is a beauty

As a kid I just loved cars, had hundreds of Matchbox cars, which I played with all day long. On the Sunday car trip with my parents and my elder siblings, I knew the names and models of almost all the cars we passed. Had my clear favourites. Trying to look back maybe design was the most important aspect in finding just these ones. Not realy sure that I was aware of what design was back then…

One favourite was absolutely this Volvo 544. The other day we found an old add in a magazine, praising the beauty and elegancy of the car, which was produced in the period from 1958 to 1965. Look at the colours, the lines, the shapes, the use of silver, oh she is a beauty!  j

Volvo 544 © lowereast.dk


The Girl from the add © lowereast.dk

Volvo 544 © lowereast.dk

The legs of the girl from the add © lowereast.dk