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How to become a KaosPilot

The KaosPilots Switzerland are looking for 35 changemakers, responsible entrepreneurs, peacemakers & bridgebuilders.

Women & men with a splash of tribal mind, compassion & awareness – willing to take a risk, search for inner and outer balance and with a sense of the real world. And last, but not least playful – and humour guys. Humour!

They are looking for their next KaosPilots Team in Bern. Do you wanna join the new team?

We love the Pilots & everything is easier with a little help from friends, so we have made it simple for you:  Here is the link to the application form. Deadline for the application is March 20, 2013.


Skærmbillede 2013-01-14 kl. 00.58.41

The link to their blog.

Very, very soon the website for the KaosPilots Switzerland will be launched. Designed by Lower East. We will keep you informed. Of course we will!